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I had a phone case that said, "life is a story, make yours a best seller." I always loved that quote, and I have always known my life is already a best seller. The only problem is I was unsure as to what my ending would be... but I figured it out. To be a momma and start a blog!!


I live in Dallas and I have always been in love with this city. Dallas has all I could ever want; a food scene that is always evolving, an amazing music environment, and a skyline that is always changing color. Not to mention with all the travel for work and fun I never have to connect on a flight.  


The engineering side of me has a love for creating. I am a certified IKEA junkie and love using their cost-effective items in a sophisticated way. I am constantly finding new ways to use their products and put my own personal touch on them. Please enjoy the site and if you have ideas you want to know, or learn please get in touch!



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