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Katherine Fehily, Little Dream Lab

 If you summed me up in one word, it would be FIXER.

I like to learn and do it all. I am a mechanical engineer who designed aircraft for over ten years, and then decided to kick it up by becoming a mom. Like a true engineer, I like to know how things work and go together. Sleep is no different. I'm here to help with all the sleep confusions you may have!

 When our first son was born, I read as many books as I could on babies, but nothing really prepared me for the sleepless nights. I quickly turned to Google and friends to take in any and all information as I could. My engineer side knew I could solve this issue. I took my newly found toolbox and applied it, and soon the whole house was resting through the night.


We recently had twins to add to our toddler. I can’t tell you how handy it was to already have the knowledge to maintain happy and healthy sleep habits for the family.

In early 2021, after completing my Sleep Certification program & mentorship, I am excited to be joining the Tiny Transitions team, to support tired parents on their quest for rest and a Pediatric Sleep Specialist, based in Dallas, TX.

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