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Phone or Video Consultation

Not quite in need of a private coaching but still struggling with a child who is taking short naps, won't settle or waking at night?

Are you in limbo with a child who isn’t sleeping well?

Every few nights, they sleep through the night or have a beautiful day of naps, and then,

just when you think you have finally cracked the code on sleep,

something happens and your little one is up….again?

You may not be in need of private sleep consulting in our 3-week or 12-month private sleep coaching programs, but still need professional guidance and support from a Certified Sleep Consultant,

to find exactly where the wheels are falling off and how you can restore sleep in your home every single night.

Through this support, we ask you to complete a sleep intake form and then get on the phone or meet virtually. We'll review all of your biggest struggles, challenges, and explain in detail how to reach sleep goals.

While this option doesn’t include a formal written sleep program, we ensure you are set up for sleep success. 


30 Minute Ask me Anything

+ Sleep Evaluation

+ 30 Minute Phone or Video Consultation 


60 Minute Ask me Anything

+ Sleep Evaluation

+ 60 Minute Phone or Video Consultation 


Looking for some support now to help fix sleep in your home?

Download my free guide, “The 7 Tips for Better Infant Sleep”

today and get started on your journey to sleep.

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