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Baby Fehily Project

I've been dreaming of this space for most of my adult life. As some of you may or may not know. It took my husband and I a lot of work to conceive and the fact that we are a few month out and that this room even exists still blows my mind... I wish I could better describe the peace and emotions I feel when I'm in this space, thinking of all that is to come and the memories that will be made in it. Our pups absolutely love being in there, they are already so protective and are going to be the most incredible big sister to this sweet baby.

Creating any new space can be really overwhelming, and having a baby brings up a financial stress that you've never experienced before. I'm happy to report that almost every single item in this room was purchased second hand or given a little love after being purchased from Ikea.

A few tips for you mamma's out there planning your own space:

- Facebook Marketplace is your best friend / we found our changing table/dress FOR FREE and all you had to do was gave it a new paint job and new knobs

- Save your money on truly important things like artwork

- Sweet gifts can be used as decor, I love styling our little DIY shelves with gifts from friends and family

- Baskets, Baskets, Baskets


Crib : Facebook Marketplace ($150 with mattress, toddler railing, and converter to twin bed)

Rocking Chair : Wayfair

Woven Poofs: Ikea

Rocking Chair Pillow: Urban Outfitters

Shelves: Ikea

Letter Board : Made it check out my other post

Triangle Floral Hanging:

Baskets : Various sources; Ikea, Amazon, Farmers Markets

Dresser: Wayfair

Changing Basket: DIY , simply chopped up a moses basket

Rug: Vintage find on Ebay

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