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DIY Kids Kitchen Grocery Market Play Place under $40 - VARIERA IKEA HACK

I wanted to create a fun space for kids coming over to play out our house, and of course I wanted a play kitchen. However, when I started pricing grocery markets and play set-ups they sure were $$$. Not to mention easy to just dump out on the ground. So I came up with this fun hack. Hope you enjoy!

Items needed to complete

Drill & 1/4" drill but



Step 1 - Mark bins

Nothing fancy here. Just use the bin and a marker and draw a line. Makes it easier than measuring a messing up. Makes a nice clean line.

Step 2 - Drill Holes

Drill a hole on each end in the middle of the line. Warning - learn from my mistake. You need them close to the edge so you can get the hook in place. Below, you see I didn't on one so I just drilled a second hole.

Step 3 - Hang rod on wall

Make sure you use strong screws as kids love to pull on these. I used a level to make them stright but you can always eyeball this too

Step 4 - Put on baskets

Don't forget to put the baskets on the rod before you screw in the second side. I put the whole thing on the wall and had to remove one side :)

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